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The Greatest of Character Actors
The David Collings Appreciation Community!
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Welcome all!
This community appreciates David Collings and his contribution to the arts and entertainment.
3rd-Jun-2016 03:29 pm - Shakespeare Bits
DC  side natmoakapple
I found a picture of David Collings in a 2007 production of Cymbeline and added a couple of Julius Caesar screengrabs.

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9th-Mar-2016 03:25 pm - The Bill - Blood Ties
dc script hemroakapple
A couple of screenshots of David Collings' guest appearance in The Bill:

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29th-Sep-2015 02:54 pm - Holby City
dc script hemroakapple
According to locatetv David Collings is making a guest appearance in Holby City on October 6th 20.00 on BBC1 on UK TV.
14th-Apr-2015 04:28 pm - Canterbury Tales (1969)
DC  side natmoakapple
A picture of David Collings taken from the front cover of The Radio Times (listed on ebay).

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18th-Jan-2015 03:40 pm - Audio Excitement!
DW Uvanov chess
David Collings is billed as the reader for the audio adaptation of Chris Boucher's novel Corpse Marker, due for release in March 2015 by BBC Audio.

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3rd-Jan-2015 03:46 pm - A couple of pics
DC  side natmoakapple
One from Boon, the second from The Return of the Antelope:

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19th-Dec-2014 01:16 pm(no subject)
David Collings - Dark Towers
I recently watched a movie about the life of King David of the Bible, and who should I see in it but our own David Collings!? Just kidding, I really only watched the movie because he had a few minutes in it. He plays the part of Nathan the prophet, and only appears for about five minutes total.

I haven't seen any screencaps from this posted here and just wanted to share a few I made:

Nathan the prophetCollapse )
8th-Oct-2014 04:47 pm - Midnight is a Place Publicity Pics
DC  side natmoakapple
It's been a while, but here are a couple of shots from Midnight is a Place (1979):

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9th-Mar-2014 08:42 pm - A bit of news
s&s - silver
I have been idly Googling this evening, and noticed this: David Collings seems to be in a current thing! Or, at any rate, he's credited as appearing in the film The Invisible Woman.

(He's credited as the Governor, so how brief or otherwise his role may be, I don't know, of course.)
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