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Crime & Punishment

I've been meaning to post this for a while: someone has scanned in contents from the ITV 1965 Yearbook here. One of the dramas pictured in it is the 1964 Play of the Week version of Crime & Punishment:

David Collings with Julia Foster in Crime & Punishment

I thought I'd see if I could get the internet to cough up any more info, and came up with this cast list (via this site):

Patrick Wymark ..... Porfiry
Douglas Wilmer
Julia Foster
Peter Bowles
David Collins
Neville Jason ....... Zamyotov
(adapted by Stanley Miller).

I also found a forum where the dramas from the 1965 Yearbook were being discussed as to which ones existed and basically, nobody seems very sure but: Crime & Punishment was made by Associated Rediffusion, and most their TV has been destroyed/lost/wiped. However someone felt two of their Play of the Week dramas might have survived (or clips have done), and one of those two was Crime & Punishment.

So, a pic, some cast info and some slight hope it might possibly still exist. There you go. And Network has been releasing surviving Armchair Theatre episodes this year, so there is some interest in this particular category of old TV.

I don't think I'd hold my breath, though...
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