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A bit of news

I have been idly Googling this evening, and noticed this: David Collings seems to be in a current thing! Or, at any rate, he's credited as appearing in the film The Invisible Woman.

(He's credited as the Governor, so how brief or otherwise his role may be, I don't know, of course.)
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Midnight Is A Place theme

Last year I mentioned I'd been watching ITV Southern's 1970s adaptation of Joan Aiken's Midnight Is A Place - and that it sounded like David Collings singing the theme song. A few days ago I had an unexpected comment from Patrick Phelan who wrote the music for the serial, confirming that, yes, it was indeed David Collings singing.

So, for the comm, I've uploaded a fuller version (with the titles as well as the credits):

(The original version was here, if you wanted to see the comment.)

If anyone else knows the book, then the extra verses in this version were actually provided by Joan Aiken for the production (and the theme song itself is adapted from the tune originally written for Denzil's Song in the book by a family member). David Collings played Mr Oakapple, the character for whom the song was written in the story, so it all ties together beautifully.