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Let's Get Some Updates!

To everyone still out and about around these parts. I'll be opening up some of the restrictions I've placed on moderating the group submissions. I feel bad about having placed them to begin with, but the spam was getting out of hand. But I hope to have some additional help moderating the group (I know who you are lol). I'm hoping to have more activity on here but as I lost my internet connection back in April (currently in a Starbucks) I'll try to stop in every Sunday to check up on how things are going.

Love you all, keep up the posts! Hope to see some new stuff soon (I'll be working on another piece of Collings related fanart myself!)

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The magnificent David Colings

Just came across this page and thought you might like to know that at this very moment, I am sat with David, in his kitchen, listening to the music of Turandot. David says, "Thank you. I can assure you I'm no longer a red head! The page is lovely!" He is very flattered and hasn't seen some of the pictures on the page for a long time!

All the best,

Oliver Hollis
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Cymbeline Trailer (2007)

I found this tonight while being bored; probably people have seen it anyway - but it's a trailer for the 2007 Cheek by Jowl production of Cymbeline (which had some guy relevant to this comm in it as Cymbeline), so I thought I'd share it here. The trailer's only a minute and has far more Tom Hiddleston (as Posthumus) but-but-but there are a few seconds of Mr Collings, including some dancing right at the end if my eyes don't deceive me.

It looks very interesting. It was done at the Barbican, so it was probably not being v conventional Shakespeare! (And I'm annoyed. I'm pretty sure I would have been actually in London at some point during those dates. Grr. Still. I would never have persuaded my sisters to go see that anyway.)

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Just Passing by with a Middle-Earth pic (of sorts)

I found this today, and it amused me so... Quite a bit of my flist (me included) have been listening/relistening to the BBC Radio Lord of the Rings, and one of my flisters linked me to this article (the link for the PDF is down the bottom of the page) - Brian Sibley in SFX. It has some cast photos, though, and I extracted this one:

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I'm not sure whether I'm more amused at Stephen Thorne's DIY sound-effects (that's what the tape wrapped around him is - it's to make him rustle) or David Collings's highly un-Elvish jumper. Either way, I thought I'd post it here in case the pic might be of interest if people hadn't seen it before.